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Re: Tax refund question

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Don't forget that your tax liability won't be spread over the entire year, but for the 1.5 months (friom mid November 2011 when you arrived til the end of the year) that you were resident in Switzerland.

In other words, they will take what you earned over 1.5 months and multiply it by 8, and work out your "yearly" amount based on that.
I actually mistyped - it was mid-October when I arrived, so it is actually 2.5 months.

I'm not sure that I fully understand what you are saying though. Are you saying that even though I only earned 39,000fr in the tax year in this country (I had earnings in the UK previous to that, but they were obviously taxed in the UK), that when they assess my tax liability in the tables at the back, that I will be taxed based on an assumed annual salary of 200,000+fr, even though I didn't earn that money?
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