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Re: Job [unexplained delays in feedback]

I disagree entirely. I would contact the guy that interviewed you, probably after a couple of weeks. The "thanks for the interview call..really interested in your company" call is vital to your prospects of success.

Agencies have been know to lie and cheat, so get it from the horses mouth.

We have discussed this topic before ...within the last three months I do a little search for further points.

I was once contacted a year after I applied for a job.


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I wouldn't do this at all TBH.

If you had an interview with a bank (i'm guessing here) and they do want to hire you even if they decided to take you on right after the interview they probably have a whole heap of processes to go through before they can make an offer. Whilst they might say the interview went well the hiring manager will know to get everything signed off before stating they will make you an offer.

If the meeting was setup via a recruiter then stick to that channel of communication, it could be seen as pushy to contact the manager direct. For gods sake don't call them and start trying to add to the already concluded interview, they won't appreciate the interruption, and might think you are a bit mad.
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