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Re: Power for utilities cut off every day at Midday

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I recently bought an apartment in a shared building near Nyon and noticed that between midday and 2pm the power appears to be cut off in the utility room to stop anyone using a washing machine or dryer during this time! At first I thought my washing machine had packed up but was advised on this by a neighbour later.

I know about the rules on cutting lawns on Sunday or between 12 and 2pm but was just wondering how common switching off power was in Switzerland. Is this a common rule?
Yes. Maybe not universal, but certainly not at all unusual, and generally from 1130. Allegedly the reason is that all the Swiss wives and mothers will be cooking lunch for their families, so they want to reduce the draw on the electricity grid at that time. It's one of those aspects of Swiss life that one could imagine was part of a social control conspiracy, if one had a mind for such things...
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