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Re: Tina Turner to become Swiss

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She lives just a bit outside Zürich-Stadt on the eastern "lakeboard" . And is known to be shopping in quite normal shops in downtown. It is rumoured that her command of Züritüütsch is perfect. Judging from media-reports, she is well integrated now.
You kidding me? Lol

On Swiss German TV, the presenter has to speak to her in English (and translate to the audience in German)! And this on Swiss National Day, the holiest of Swiss holidays!!!!

Google her interviews in German-language TV, she only speaks English!

Where is her "Züritüütsch"? WTF?! Talk about integration!

The reason behind all this is FATCA maybe, screwing her ability to handle her finances properly as she is still recording. Otherwise, she would have naturalized in 2007 when she was eligible.

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