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Where to buy an "Ensemble" style bed ?

We went shopping for furniture today, in preparation for moving into our permanent place next week, but were very disappointed to discover that the only beds that seem to be available are those using a frame and slats (of various different designs) with a non-innerspring mattress.

Neither of us like this style of bed. We find them noisy, fragile (heck, one of the beds we sat down on in PFister today collapsed out from under us because something gave way in the frame or slats ) and almost always too low to the ground (relatively unimportant to me, but my wife likes the top of the mattress to be close to a metre off the ground).

Is there anywhere in Zurich/Switzerland/nearby countries that sells the "Ensemble" style of bed that has a "base" with an innerspring mattress on it ? Ideally King size, but a Queen will also be ok.

For people who don't know what I'm talking about, there's a picture of the style of bed I mean on this page (randomly pulled off a google search). I'm not sure if there's a more "international" name, but that's what they're called in Australia.

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