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Indian Classical Dance in Switzerland (Geneva)

We would like to invite you the first showing in Europe of “Being Becoming” winner of the excellence award at the New York Fringe Festival. Being Becoming is based on Bharatnatyam “the dance of Gods” .

Being Becoming is a 75 minute Indian classical dance performance that explores an idea central to Hindu and Buddhist philosophies: that one can become the object of their devotion, meditation, or desire. Devotional transformation, or the idea of losing oneself or being consumed by the other, is extensively expressed in Indian traditions of poetry, music, painting, and dance. Each piece in Being Becoming explores the different ways in which the individual seeks to become one with the other, as well as traditional Indian theater techniques that enact the transformation from actor to character. Being Becoming is made up of five different pieces for solo, duet, and trio.

For further information on Malini please consult the website:

To register for the event and for specifics regarding the Geneva event, please consult the below website

We’ve setup the FB page:
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