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Re: Dashcam (Dashboard Camera)

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So the relevant pieces with regards to a navigation device Google translate as:

1 "the leader or the leader must, at a height of 0.75 m above the eyes of the seat, on the outskirts of a semicircle of 12.0 m radius, the roadway can overlook free. The licensing authority has the necessary requirements (additional mirrors, passengers, support vehicle), if this condition is not fulfilled at work motor cars."

4 "slices, which are necessary for the view of the driver, or the leader must allow a clear, distortion-free view to be weather resistant and let through even after prolonged use at least 70 percent of light. In front of or behind these discs No objects should be placed, which impair the vision of the leader, or the leader, and reduce light transmission by 70 percent. Excluding items that are required by law or provided or attached temporarily for use in the security service (eg mesh), and navigation devices are outside the view circle in paragraph 1;"

Now that translation renders the law somewhat muddy. Can anyone please provide a better translation of the piece about 0.75m above the eyes of the seat i.e. "bei einer Augenhöhe von 0,75 m über der Sitzfläche" as that seems to be the key to the positioning of my Garmin!
I would translate this as "the view from your eyes must be measured at a height of 0.75m above the seat cushion" - so assuming an average person height - no doubt somebody can better translate this.

I would assume, for example, that you are OK if the device is mounted so that a straight line from a height of 0.75m above the seat cushion touches the top of the GPS & then touches the body of the car - so does not obstruct view of the road.

But, a policeman could always say the GPS obstructs your view & it would be hard to argue against
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