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Re: restaurant prices...

Food prices in London have increased markedly in the last year or so, but the exchange rate means that CH food looks expensive.

In London, with the possible exception of certain pub chains, a full service meal costs about the same as in Zürich, if not less.

The key difference is that the UK seems to have a wider variety and several tiers of price points which means that it is possible to get a plate of chunky food, for a lot less money.


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I noticed the high cost of food when I first moved to Switzerland, but quickly learnt that it was something I had to accept here. After all, the salaries in Switzerland generally take into account the high cost of living here.

I had a friend visiting from the UK recently, and after a few days, she politely asked if we could perhaps eat at cheaper restaurants as she felt we were being extravagant by taking her to places where a meal would cost between CHF 25 to CHF 40 per person. Only then did I realise that I had just become accustomed to paying these prices each time I went out. I don't think I've ever had a meal less for less than CHF 25! (whether the meals are good value for money or quality is another issue)

Needless to say, we ended up eating at home for the rest of her stay in Zurich. So my friend saved money on eating out, but she didn't realise that the cost of food is generally high in Switzerland, and that cooking at home is only marginally cheaper than eating out. So I, as host, ended up paying for her meals ...

I wonder if she has ever eaten out in London because surely it can't be much cheaper than Zurich?
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