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Re: Is it possible to get marraige visa to uk while on student visa in Switzerland?

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I am a British citizen my fiance is in Switzerland on student visa. He will be there for a year. is there any chance he could apply for prospective marriage visa/ Fiance visa to uk while he is already on student visa in swiss.

should i have to travel to Swiss and marry him?

anyhow he will be moving down to uk for a 6 months period on internship. so far in my search i have found out that a person can marry only if they come to uk on a marriage/ fiance visa right?

is there any other way? is there any chances he could apply for prospective marriage while he is on student visa?

We have planned to get married by early next year just want to check if he could come down here to uk and get married.
To get a marriage license in the UK, you need to live at one UK address for at least 7 consecutive days, and prove this with some kind of bill (electricity, gas, hotel). This has to be less than a year before the wedding.

There may be other difficulties depending on his nationality, but they seem to be minor for EU citizens.
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