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Re: permit opening a snack bar?

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Do you know if I need a special permit to open a little snack bar?
The exact requirements vary from kanton to kanton but as a minimum you would need to inform the local food and health department (Kantonales Amt fur Lebensmittelkontrolle) who would most likely carry out an inspection (which you pay for). You need to maintain records such that the food supply chain can be readily identified.

If you are preparing food on site then the requirements may become heavier - formal training may be required. If you are selling alcohol you may also need a license for this from either a related Kanton office or the Kantonal police.

A good starting point for finding out what you need is the Federal Office of Public Health who will point you at your local contacts. Information on the Public Health Act (in English, how good is that?) can be found here.
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