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Re: permit opening a snack bar?

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I get the impression that the regulations in CH make it very difficult for entrepreneurs to set up their own little bars/restos/takeaway/etc. For example in Zürich a lot of the bars and restaurants that are being set up are backed by big business enterprises such as Höschgass gastro AG (Yooji's, Iroquois, Nooba, Bohemia, Cheyenne, Toto, Rush) and Candrian Catering AG (Brasserie Lipp, The Lion bar, Bona Dea, Jules Verne, plus 18 places in the Hauptbahnhof alone), and they have tonnes of cash to spend on a venture. I think mom and pop places are quite rare. I spent 12 years of my life in Amsterdam where setting up a bar/cafe is a lifestyle, and many entrepreneurs do so, I get the impression it's not like that here. Besides, in a year or so there will be a bloody %&*! Starsucks on every corner.
I think you have a point but it's not the regulations that are at fault, rather it's the expense involved, mainly rents. In my experience to date the regulations are no more onerous than those of the UK. If you are going to be involved in the supply of prepared food then you must expect a high degree of regulation and also expect to keep good records so when people start dropping like flies it can be traced back to the source .

I believe it's down to economics rather than regulations.
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