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Re: L Permit to a B permit - Unmarried UK couple

We are a British non married family recently arrived in CH. My partner and children have just received their L permit. We were hoping for a B permit, but in the letter it said that the quota for the Thurgau Kanton had already been exceeded. However it did say that we can re-apply for a B permit, but didn't mention how. Is it done on a first come first serve basis from the 1st January!! We plan to stay in CH long term.

I have no permit, but I am waiting for a contract as a consultant for a US company on a self employed basis. I have enlisted the use of an local accountant to help. I do need a B permit as I will need to lease a car etc.

Any help comments, would be useful
No sweat. We're in the same position.
Unmarried British couple, both with "L"s because of quotas.

The other half has an "L" despite being permie.
I was permie at first but still got an "L"

The EU quotas cease on 31 May 2007, we'll get "B"s after that pro forma

Some companies (that provide services) are funny about "L"s
- I haven't tried to get a mobile contract
- We bought our car cash
- UBS gave me a credit card (on a 3 month "L") but CornerCard wouldn't
- UBS (different branch to me) gave my better half a limited account, I have the works though
- We got TV, phone and internet from Cablecom right off, but I hear Swisscom take your kids as a guarantee (or something like that) if you're a foreigner

Your mileage may vary etc.

I'd suggest simply going down to a local garage or 3 and asking...