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Connecting a German 220V kitchen appliance bought in France to a 400V outlet in CH?

So my wife wants to get rid of our 20+ year old kitchen. Having got a price estimate in CH, it would be ~50K CHF. The *same* kitchen in France is only 25K CHF. Each and every appliance costs all at least 100% more :-(

The problem is that apparently, french appliances work all under 220V, in particular the oven and the stove. These connections are 400V in Vaud (where we live). The swiss kitchen guy is scaremongering us with this argument, in order to not buy appliances outside CH!

Given that the appliance brand is a German one (Siemens), would there be a possibility to connect the 220V oven and the 220V stove to the existing 400V connection with some work(?) ?

Or do I need to order the same appliance in Germany, would that help?

I have read of many people buying their kitchens in Germany and installing them in CH. What about buying in France (still German appliances but french power standards), anybody knows how to solve this?

(Not that I would NOT want to do the cabling myself, rather get an electrician to do it, but I want to know if it is possible at all and if it represents a major work!)

I think the same problem applies to washing machines, which have sometimes 400V connections rather than 220V ... has anyone imported these to CH when moving in from other european countries?

I've been told that 400V in reality is a 3-phase combination of 220V current but I hardly know what a Volt is :-( ...

Thanks for *any* help!
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