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Re: Connecting a German 220V kitchen appliance bought in France to a 400V outlet in C

Dear All,

many thanks for all your responses!

@marton: Unfortunately there is no outlet it seems - the cable comes out straight from the wall. The installation dates from ~20 years back.

@fatmanfilms: The list of appliances is below. To the french models, I have added what I found as similar models in CH and DE. The price difference with CH is just shocking.

Unfortunately, I really don't understand much - it seems the induction stove is supposed to work on 220V in Switzerland as well, but delivering 7200W which would mean 33A by dividing 7200/220? (apologies if I get it all wrong!)

The DE product either specifies no voltage (stove) or 220-240V (oven). Would it still be usable on 400V?

Induction stove:
1. France: Table Cuisson induction (F) EH651BX17E. Prix 829EUR. Puissance raccordement 7200W (donc 7200/220=33A en une phase!?!) (
2. Suisse: Table cuisson induction (CH) EH645QE11E. Prix 1940 CHF. Puissance 7200W (220-240V!) (
3. Induktions-Kochfeld (DE) EI645EB11. Prix 650 EUR. 7000W. Voltage? (

Four HB75GB560F (France). 1120EUR. Puissance raccordement 3650W (donc 3650/220=16.6A) (
Four HB75GB550C (Suisse). 3390CHF. Puissance raccordement 3650W (16A, 400V) (
Four HB76GB560 (Allemagne). 864E-1099E. 3650 W, 220-240V, "Schuko-/Gardy m. Erdung" (

Many thanks again!
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