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Re: Buying on Apple France or Germany to bring to Switzerland

>> PS: Maybe I will become an Apple fan boy too. Or I will sell it on Ricardo because I will hate it...who knows

I bought my first MBP at the end of last year, having been a Windows user since the mid-90s.

In all honesty, surferride, I wish I hadn't. I won't go into all the details, but they cost a lot and I just don't see what advantage I've got for the extra price.

Plus, I now look like I belong to a crowd that I really don't want to belong to.

About 6 weeks ago I gave serious thought to selling my MBP, but here's the reason I didn't: I bought mine from the Apple website and paid what I thought was the one and only price for that model. I was wrong.

Take a look on Amazon's UK website. Yes, I know we're not in the UK, but compare the Apple UK price to the Amazon UK price. Do the same with Amazon DE. You'll see that Amazon is 15% cheaper.

Furthermore, Apple's warranty is actually not worth much. It doesn't include parts and repair, and it lasts for a short time. On the other hand, Amazon will sell you a warranty that will optionally last 2 or 3 years and that covers everything, and when you add that on to the price of the MacBook it's still cheaper than buying just the MacBook directly from Apple.

I recommend you read this article about Apple's warranty.

The reason I decided not to sell my MBP? I'd have been happy if I thought someone would pay me 85% of the price I paid 4 or 5 months previously, but then I realised that they could pay this price to Amazon and get a brand new one. Also, mine has an English keyboard; I bought extra RAM and an SSD for the MBP and if I sold it to buy the ThinkPad that I wish I'd bought instead then I wouldn't have been able to use these. And if I sold them with it then I'd have dropped even more money on it.

IMO, so many fanboys rave about Apple products simply because they want to be part of that set.

So my two pieces of advice would be
  1. Check Amazon's price, and if it's at all possible for you to buy from Amazon UK and have it delivered to a friend, relative, or even a colleague's friend somewhere in the UK, and then bring it over from there, do it. Don't buy directly from Apple unless you have no other option.
  2. Ask yourself why you want a MacBook. Is it because you have very good reason to believe that a software application you use will be more effective on a MacBook; or, deep down, is it really just because you want people to regard you as an Apple user?
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