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Re: Buying on Apple France or Germany to bring to Switzerland

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Take a look on Amazon's UK website. Yes, I know we're not in the UK, but compare the Apple UK price to the Amazon UK price. Do the same with Amazon DE. You'll see that Amazon is 15% cheaper.

You could have just bought a refurbished one from the Apple store - or waited for one of those 10% days at interdiscount. Or bought from Digitec. Or took some other deal.
If you buy the warranty from amazon - how do you exercise it?
Is there an amazon-store somewhere in Zurich where I can bring it to?

Personally, I'd buy one of the non-retina refurbished 13" MBPs (the base model with 4GB RAM and 500GB disk can be had for below 1200 CHF) and then buy 2*8GB RAM and a 250GB Samsung SSD from Digitec.
<1600 CHF and a great laptop with SSD and user-serviceable parts.
The Retina-Models are hard to service - almost everything is glued together...

Apple doesn't flood the market with 20+ new models every year. As a result, the hardware is pretty mature after a couple of iterations and performs well.

The warranty "situation" is not ideal. But basically, if you don't buy Apple care (or just the "parts and labor" warranty that they don't really advertise because they want to sell you the phone support, too), you're pretty much screwed after 90 days. I

I really don't see why being associated (imagined or not) with a certain socio-demographic group would deter somebody from using a certain product.
The product either does what it is supposed to do or it doesn't. That should be the primary reason to buy (or keep) it.

I bought an iMac because I needed something that worked without too much hassle. I didn't want to be a Windows-admin, nor did I want to jump through hoops to get WIFI or a graphics card working. Perfect hibernate/wakeup is also priceless and works best with OSX.

If I had to buy a non-Apple laptop, I'd either try to find a Thinkpad-model that hasn't been ruined by Lenovo already or buy a Lifebook from Fujitsu. The price of one of those Lifebooks is pretty much the same as the refurb MBP above - there's just no way to have a decent laptop with a price-point significantly below the BP/MBA series.

To make an Apple product "work" for you, you have to adapt your workflow to the way it's done under OSX (or IOS). If you can't do that or don't want to do it, don't bother: it's unlikely that Apple is going to change something just for you.
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