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Re: Selling paintings online - how to set shipping costs from Switzerland?

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Yea' it's all already printed and stuff

It's coming to minimum like 18CHF for posting an A3 poster...crazy expensive!
Well no offense meant here, but that's not bad at all. I'm an artist myself and if you can guess...I make ships in bottles and I send them all over the world. Be glad you aren't sending parcels. I pay 150 chf at least by post...don't even think about a parcel service here I also make lots of other artwork too and have experience with multiple websites.

And, just as a side note for the future, you may want to include the option of framing, of course with an increase of price in shipping, but that's just an idea and customers often like that option.

Most every good sized post office should have a pamphlet with prices for sending letters and parcel all over the world. It gives all the country codes and weights for any package/letter you want to send, as well as the length of time it takes, so you know exactly how much you will be paying. It is incredibly handy, so I would suggest asking for one of those. You never know when a customer may ask for a custom piece of artwork, and online, they want responses to questions like, "how much for shipping?" right away.

Also, on your site make sure you at least let customers know that they are responsible for any customs fees, so you don't have unhappy costumers and they know what's coming. That probably doesn't apply for letters, but it's safe to add anyway.

I'd like to see your friend's artwork. Is your site up and running yet? Pictures please!
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