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Re: Can I Go Professionally Casual

If this was a company offsite you'd all be wearing smart casual, especially in the financial field. But this isn't an offsite and I agree with Lob - suit maybe without the tie. That way you can't go wrong even though Swiss dress codes are notorious for being relaxed. Interviews are all about impressions. If I were interviewing you and even if I turned up in casual, it would show me that you care about the impression you are making, that this interview matters to you and you are taking nothing for granted.

Some years back I hired a college grad in Zurich. On his first day at the office he turned up in black jeans, white shirt, white socks and no tie. He had no money so we took pity on him and gave him some cash to buy some "appropriate office attire. He came back with black slacks, black leather jacket and a leather tie!
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