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Re: Can I Go Professionally Casual

Is this "corporate president of an international company" Swiss, or is he flying in from another country for the meeting? Depending on where he is from, he may have different expectations on how you should be dressed for this weekend meeting. For e.g., if he was British, you might be ok with slacks, a nice shirt and a sportscoat. But if he was Japanese, this might call for a full suit and tie.

The "respected public venue" may also determine your dress code.

Also, is this just a meeting, or are you meeting for a drink, lunch or dinner?

But given that it is the weekend, I think you may be over-doing it if you show up in a full suit and tie. When I see people wearing such attire on weekends, I either think they've forgotten it is the weekend, or they're going to wedding or funeral.

I think a safe bet would be a suit (not black) with a nice shirt (not a plain colour), but no tie. And remember to polish your shoes ...

Ultimately, though, you want to be comfortable with what you're wearing. As you've already met the guy, you may already have an idea of what he might wear.
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