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Re: How difficult it is to get apartment in Zurich, with PhD salary?

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Even though I appreciate your initiative to reply my post, you guys are missing the point... The question is EXACTLY about money, namely how bad/well positioned the PhD salary puts you when competing for a flat with other people with relatively normal jobs. It's not about degree or what you can afford, but what you can get even if the price is within your affordable range.

I searched in the forum earlier, some people claimed it was very easy to get apartment in Zurich. At the same time it was obvious that they worked for some company, where the pay is definitely higher than PhD. It could be that high income makes things easier. Although such stories are inspirational, they may not relate well to a PhD's situation in Zurich. I admit it's somewhat related to what the housing agencies and landlords are looking at when choosing tenant.

This is a good input. Does it translate into: as long as the rent is equal or lower than 1/3 of your income, then finance shouldn't be a problem in a way that you can compete with guys with higher income? It's interesting to hear that some lived for 1400 CHF per month, that is almost 1/2 of the take home.
I was not actually replying to your post, but the post I quoted which asked whether having a PhD swayed your chances in terms of the qualification meaning something. Hence why I said no it doesn't, it's all about money i.e. can you afford it or not, likewise, do you have debts. That is all that matters.

By and large, the lower salary earners will be blown out the water by high earners, but high earners will not be competing for the smaller, low rent places as they got a bit more to play with. Some still do of course, as they are massive savers and/or comfortable with little room or luxury and thats fine. I suspect some landlords will still take the 150k a year guy for their 2.0 zimmer place thats only 1,100 CHF per month, despite it being more suited to the 40-70k, a year applicants, but at the same time, I think there is some appreciation and control over the market where those who can afford more expensive places do not sweep up the places the lower earners can only afford.

So in summary, you will find it tough, I think, finding a place on your own, as you will be searching for places where there is the biggest competition, who are not necessarily massive earners, and yet you will be a lower end earned in that group. It won't be impossible but it won't be easy either.

Given the most basic of places are 1-1,500k, thats above the recommended 1/3.

This is why a lot of earners on this level of salary share. So yes, it will be difficult, but it wouldn't stop me from trying. But you may have to concede to a share, perhaps until you find something better.

More opportunities arise once you get to know people here and the market etc.
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