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Re: Freelance translator seeking tax advice (Basel)

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Sorry I am a little amused about your discussion. Because somehow all of you are right but none of you got the point of Swiss taxes in case of being a freelancer!

1. If you got an offer for CHF 700.00, take it and don't even think about doing it by yourself. A tax consultant (a good one) knows about your possibilities to make deductions. Deductions which are not written in any "Wegleitung" for your "Steuererklärung.
2. If you want to have it for less than CHF 700.00, tell me. I would tell it to my tax advisor and after he has seen your case he might be able to do a better price (he's from Basel)
3. And this is for all of you: Learn about our system! It's surely a kind of integration but even more it will save you a hell of money for the coming yeas. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT OUR FINANCAL SYSTEM IS A CIRCLE OF TAXES, FINANCES, SOCIAL SECURITIES AND INSURANCES. If you once got that the world is easier and cheaper for you.
4. I pay every year something between 200 and 250 to my tax advisor. Please believe me if I tell you this is a little % of what he is saving me.
5. Think about this: Why Switzerland has more tax consulting companies or independent tax consultants than any other country in the world?

... Freelancer and from abroad!.... Well already this sounds like heaven to save taxes for me. Our system is a chance to pay less than anywhere!!!

Hello there, this is my 1st time on EF and I hope I am doing the right thing. I am also living in Basel as a Freelancer and I am activaly looking for a tax agent/advisor. Fortunately my 2007 tax return should be very easy. The problem is that I am currently not in Switzerland and it is difficult for me to submit my tax return. So does anyone know a tax advisor who could do it via email ? In advance thanks
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