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Re: NSA collecting records of all US phone calls

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This is why; He's an idiot and yawped his gaping gawp well past the point of defense. He should have listened to Schneier.

Nothing I've seen in the papers, US or UK, really reveals anything new or I say, why couldn't he have gone after really top secret stuff like the JFK assassination files rather than, oh, yeah, the NSA can sift through all your telephone calls and data packets looking for stuff. I mean, it's not like gumshoe cops are knocking on doors in taking down not just terrorists, but international child porn rings....too bad that he's so young and naive as he might have looked for really interesting bits of information such as an AES backdoor, etc.
Well, yeah - there are people out there saying that he's a stooge, as they have with Assange, and Ellsberg before him:

I mean, if you wanted a 9/11 whistle-blower for instance, then there have been some - but they just don't get the publicity for some strange reason.

Makes my head hurt, I tells ya. Oh my!
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