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Re: NSA collecting records of all US phone calls

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If this has been a common knowledge then what all that secrecy surrounding the US surveillance programs is about? If the guy has revealed nothing then why don't the US government drop the espionage charges and let him go home to his girlfriend?
Because he is not quite finished yet. Not sure if everyone follows all details: Not just were offices in the EU hacked - part of the materials he leaked have far further reaching consequences: they give unique insight what the US government REALLY thinks about other countries.

In case of my home country: Germany foots a huge part of the bills of the UN and has been a quite important Nato partner of the US for decades. We consider the US our most important partner outside the EU... even though we did not agree to the Iraq war (but for example went to Afghanistant with a significant force). The NSA docs shows us that:
- we are a "3rd class partner" - that's a country that is "just about friendly" and at the same time a target for spying. It does surprise the vast majority of Germans that we are considered to be as much of a risk as some of the more unstable middle eastern dictatorships...
- the NSA tracked on average 20 M phone calls in Germany A DAY. In a way which is illegal in Germany even for our own police and spy agencies. It also seems to break US-EU agreements...

Fortunately are some US - EU trade agreements due shortly. Germany has an election coming up, so there is a chance that some politicians might actually dare to do their job and duty... which is to protect their people according to German law. And that democratically decided law is that building data repositories of telephone records without any reasonable suspicion and in a large scale is simply not acceptable. Between partners do we expect to share intelligence rather having Americans hacking our phone lines and record as they wish.

I just follow my countries news, but Snowden's documents seems to slowly get some balls rolling around the world...

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