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Re: Working conditions/RAV calculation for unemployment pension/ quiting job

There are 2 different agencies involved in unemployment benefits.

1. The RAV. Their focus is on helping you obtain employment. This can include additional training, language courses, etc. The RAV officer verifies your job hunting efforts and gives you the unemployment claim form. This you fill in and submit monthly to the ALE-Kasse.

2. The ALE-Kasse (Arbeitslossenkasse). They are the insurers. They compute the benefits and pay these monthly. There are several Kassen. You can choose almost any. One restriction is you must stay with the chosen Kasse, unless you shift domicile. Unia is big, competent and well organized. You can go there and get advice.

If you quit your job, then the RAV officer can impose penalty of waiting up to 60 working days, till benefits are granted. The officer has the discretion to decide the latency (minimum is 5 days). You may be able to persuade the officer to shorten the wait by explaining the special circumstances.

If you are heading for the described situation, then do the following.
1. Begin applying for jobs immediately, i.e even before quitting. Meticulously document every single application. Submit at least 2 job applications weekly. Going to the first RAV interview with a thick dossier of applications would help reduce the waiting period.
2. Also meticulously document the mobbing situation. Documentation must include copies of complaint letters and eMails, which you write to your supervisors and the HR department. This will lend credibility to your explanation why you quit.

Like others have written in this Forum, the RAV officers are competent, helpful and friendly. Of course, they expect the job seekers to be genuine, cooperative and earnest. The RAV officers also know what working conditions prevail where and have their sources to formally and informally verify claims.

Good luck!
Caveat lector!
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