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Re: Another Noise Complaint

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I know this has been done to death but any advice on how to get revenge on my "neighbours"?

We have some noisy neighbours who live on the level below us in our apartment block, not directly below but next door. They regularly have friends over and as they smoke and have a small child, they sit outside on their balcony. This is not a problem for me if it is occassional or even until 11 or 12pm, this has become a more regular ocuurance and happen 3 or 4 times a week. We chose not to say anything not wanting to be killjoys.

However, every evening for the past week they have been outside talking laughing and playing music until 1 or 2pm, on sunday night they were out there til 2pm, so on monday we complained to the landlord. On monday night they did not make much noise but last night they were out there until 3pm. The landlord had obviously told them and they were mocking me speaking italian in an english accent and calling my kittens name. This made me soooo angry. We put up with it for a year now but this is the final straw! Any advice how I can seek revenge? Clearly this people are unreasonable so should I act the same?
I presume you mean am and not pm.

1st night - go downstairs politely knock on their door and tell them its too loud, can they go indoors please.
2nd night - go downstairs knock firmly on their door and remind them of your polite request the other night and if it continues, you will send an official letter to the land lord.
3rd night - go downstairs, bang on their door as hard as you can, tell them you have had enough and any more shit, you're calling the police.
4th night - call the police.

Either that or get a big bucket of water and pour it on them from your balcony.
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