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Re: Closing of CH bank accounts of US citizens - payments to CH from abroad

Do you have a mortgage loan on your apartment? While Swiss banks are no longer offering mortgages to US persons not resident in Switzerland, they do allow mortgage loans to continue at least if the terms of the loan don't allow them to call it in. I know that Crédit Suisse allows (indeed requires) such borrowers to maintain a savings account for the sole purpose of making loan payments. Presumably other payments relating to the property could come out of the account as well.

There are several workarounds, some more heroic and some more expensive than others. One is to have an account at whatever European bank will allow, and make the payments by IBAN, but the cost is obviously greater than if you had an account in Switzerland.

Another is to prevail upon a major corporation, your former or future employer perhaps, to sponsor your account. This is, in fact, what the US Embassy in Bern and the US Mission in Geneva do.
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