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Re: Closing of CH bank accounts of US citizens - payments to CH from abroad

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There is probably no procedure and it is likely on an individual basis from bank to bank. The following link talks about 20 cases where individuals living in America still have a Swiss bank account:

"Wer für kürzere Zeit (einige Monate bis wenige Jahre) in den USA arbeiten geht, kann sein Spar- oder Privatkonto bei der Zuger KB behalten. Das Depot muss er hingegen aufheben, E-Banking erhält er auch nicht. Während des Aufenthalts in den USA darf er mit seiner Bank zuhause nie telefonieren und auch keine Post austauschen. Und er muss der Bank bestätigen, dass er seinen Steuerpflichten in den USA nachkommt. "Wir haben derzeit rund 20 Kunden aus Zug, die ihre Beziehungen mit uns auf diese Weise behalten wollten.""

The reason why you can't bank online from the US is because the Dodd-Frank-Act makes such too expensive.
The English version of the Swissinfo article is here:

I'm not so sure about Dodd-Frank being so much an obstacle as FATCA but I haven't looked at the issue of jurisdiction (of a bank doing no particular business in the USA but having one or more US-based customers). The key words in the article are "actively do[ing] business with US clients". But I would think that they mean "soliciting US clients".

If you look at the Lloyd's of London cases at you will see how regulatory jurisdiction can and is waived by the parties even when it shouldn't be.

In real life, the banks just don't want to be bothered and they have to have a reason to take the trouble and/or the risk. That means having substantial business or a sponsoring firm or a large account, having an established mortgage that can't be called early by the bank.

Years ago there were cheap workarounds for paying Swiss bills from a foreign account. One I used was Swiss travellers checks, but these, formerly issued by the Swiss Bankers Association with American Express, have been abolished. Then there were Eurocheques, but these have been abolished too. Electronic payment from a European account via IBAN is relatively costly for small transfers but it's mechanically easy online. PayPal may be a possibility and I'm sure there are other ways that I haven't thought of yet.
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