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Re: UK property investment - tax questions

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Linky linky link. As CH resident, CH tax law applies here. Not Uk.

I have been paying Swiss taxes and not Uk taxes as an overseas resident for years on my propery, having signed a declaration. So where does that leave you?

Afaik (and my tax firm too), I am liable for taxes on all income and/or investments and assests globally. The Swiss don't do "off-shore". You are missing the point of the original question(s), the answers to which are: you don't pay tax on uk property in the uk, but rather are liable for tax in CH.
Where does that leave me? A tax lawyer, who writes law review articles, peer reviewed, on this sort of thing.

It is irrelevant what you do. In virtually every OECD country you pay tax on income from real property in the situs jurisdiction(s) (i.e. country & province/state where the rented property is located) then you declare the revenue and the tax you paid to the country/state where you live.

You don't like links perhaps, but I linked to the tax treaty, supreme law of the land.

Probably you've slipped under the radar. Not a good idea to publish that on a public form where some bounty hunter could find you and turn you in for a reward.

And your tenants and/or agent in the UK could be hit for the 25% withholding tax too.

I happen to be Swiss but have lived in the UK for decades and, lately, partly in Switzerland. I feel taxed to death but (as Esther Rantzen used to say) That's Life.

(To say the Swiss don't do "off shore" is meaningless: as it happens they do, with lump sum taxation, and there are other anomalies. But never mind.)
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