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Re: Air conditioning expert needed

The BY-Product of Air-con is obviously heat which causes condensation and therefore the first thing I ALWAYS do is check the water drain. If this is blocked it will cause a back up and either work inefficiently or not at all !

Please also remember that Old units that have not been used for a long time CAN in some cases harbor bacteria in the cooling matrix (Let's face it, it's a perfect environment) and MAY causes illness so be careful of using old units !

Try turning the cooling control to one extreme or another to check it's operation but give it a minute or 2 on either side. By cooling water does it then mean it duplicates as a heater too ?

The only other thing I can suggest is air in the system which indicates leaking water/gas.

If it not the simple things, junk it and get a new one with a shiny warranty and service package but get someone from Germany to do it !

Old units are simple units and replacement parts can be expensive due to limited availability that said though any specialist worth their weight in gold will give an honest repair estimate / replacement estimate which of course you should shop around for.

Failing everything else, install an inflatable padding pool, get an ice bucket filled with Gatorade and chillax
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