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Re: Improving the chances of getting a non-EU B work permit?

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My potential employer in Ticino is working on preparing a formal open-ended job offer along with the B permit application. I'd really like to get the B permit, though, instead of getting an L permit which seems to happen if the quotas have been hit.

Some posts on EF seem to indicate that almost all non-EU just get the L permit by default to start out with even if they have the open-ended contract and apply for the B - is this the case?

I've seen references to quotas being renewed per-quarter, so would it be worth waiting to submit the application when a new quarter starts?

Is Ticino more likely to have room in the quota compared to the larger cantons with greater numbers of international businesses?

Assuming the company can prove the need for non-EU, I get the feeling from reading EF posts that a permit of some sort (either B or L) will be provided - is this the case or are there actually significant numbers of complete rejections?
Do you have a spouse you are bringing with you? Their ability to work seems to be the main advantage of the B over the L for non-EU.

You also hear about some mobile phone companies not giving contracts for L (they wouldn't for us, but now we're paying less with pre-pay anyway), or credit card companies not giving credit cards (the first one wouldn't for us, but the second did).

Generally, a company won't go through the trouble of the permit process unless they think they can get through it and bring you in.

Most everything I've heard about quotas/timing seems to be third-hand. All the Americans I've known (in Canton Zurich) who have entered this year have gotten L permits, regardless of when they entered.
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