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Re: cultural difference? lack of luck? please advise where you met your lover‏

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Hi, I am 26, just finished my master degree in Swiss and started my new job in finance for 2 months. Every time seeing family pictures and/or babies' pics of my former classmates posted on FB, I feel jealous and even more, I am actually a loser.

I am a guy but I really have no time to waste as I am supposed to have a family and babies at my age like my classmates. (apologises for those who laughing at me, but keep in mind that I am Asian and my parents started to worry about my late marriage)

I have education, job, good english, fit body type, sense of humour, etc.

I am non-smoker, no abuse of alcohol, no drug, not very into night-life, etc. But keeping a healthy life with balanced diets and regular sports/gym 5 days per week.

HOWEVER, I am not attractive to european women at all (only asian women like me). My social network is extra small. Sometimes went to friend's parties, I was talking with people well but absolutely no further development.

I bet I am lack of sense of european cultures. Please kindly advise for the below:
1. what should I learn to find my Ms. Right? If you are a girl, what are you concerned the most at first sense?
2. where did you meet your lover? should I do the same?
3. should I look for some dating website (free if possible)?

Many thanks in advance. I will keep update this post after I try your suggested tricks if I succeed.

PS: I have to tell a significant weakness of myself. As I am Asian, I look a few years younger than my actual age and I know european girls don't like it but prefer a mature man-looking. But at least I am a responsible and reliable person and unfortunately cannot be seen through appearance.
Define "Asian". Indian? Pakistani? Chinese? Thai?

Either way I suggest joining dating sites like and, they will allow you to get in touch with people who are in general looking more seriously for a relationship than in a bar or club (which you say you don't like going to anyway), and then you can put your personality across more easily. Either way, good luck!
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