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Re: cultural difference? lack of luck? please advise where you met your lover‏

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As Ireland is part of the British Isles even somebody from the Republic of Ireland could technically be discribed as British. However, as Britain is short for Great Britain (name of the main island of the British Isles), someone from Nothern Ireland (or Man, Scilly, etc.) is indeed not an inhabitant of Britain.

Uum, No.

Crossing the border by car from Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland a few years ago, I asked my OH to stop the car. The signs had changed to 30. In villages in Eire, Republic of Ireland the signs are 50, i.e. km, in Northern Ireland they are in miles hence 30. That is why I asked OH to stop to the car, just to know we were N. Ireland along with things like pedestrian sidewalks on both sides of the road and other familiar sights as in UK.
When I wish to post via Royal Mail from UK to Eire, the country I have to list so as avoid any delay is Republic of Ireland. Postal charges are the same as for EU. For Northern Ireland, I only need to list a postcode and charges the same as if I posted from London address to another London address or Scotland etc
Eire, Republic of Ireland does not have Queen Elizabeth II has head of whatever.

During WWII Eire, Republic of Ireland was Neutral.

How would people in Liechtenstein feel is they were included as part of Switzerland, i.e. Swiss.

The term 'Brits' is a relatively recent whatever term, i.e. never heard of it 40 years ago.

Separately I am so happy to use the term Ireland, Irish, whether people are from Irish Republic or Northern Ireland, let them be run by separate governments & let us try to keep religion out of it, as far as is possible.
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