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Re: Living/working in different cantons and having to pay double tax

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You pay tax at source in the kanton/municipality you live. Not the where you work.

Please read this document for more information

That is in general correct. I live in canton Schwyz and work in canton Zurich. I pay taxes (both source and final) ONLY in canton Schwyz.

My husband's employer however only operates tax at source for cantons Zurich and Geneva so he is being deducted tax at source in Zurich. When he (us) files a tax return, he will be due a refund but that may take a couple years. I know of people who waited 3 years to get a refund.

Check if you can do a "source tax correction". It normally is quicker but I don't know if that would work with you living in a canton and working in another. I could ask my colleagues at work if you wish to know the answer or if nobody else here knows.

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