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Re: Can we buy a house????

You certainly can buy a house in AG - whether you should is a question only you can answer. So much depends on one's individual financial situation, future plans, present needs, and desires.

FYI, here is a handy chart from the AG cantonal website showing how the permit category affects what a foreigner is allowed to purchase in Aargau:

We chose to rent for the first years here, simply because we didn't know how long we would stay. We knew, however, that if Switzerland turned out to be a longer term proposition we wanted to move from ZH to SZ because of the tax advantages - which meant putting off purchasing until we had C permits allowing us to switch cantons. (We're non-EU).

For me, the decision to purchase rather than rent was primarily emotional, not financial. (Although, it makes sound financial sense for us - the mortgage is far less than what we were paying in rent.) The driving factor for me was that I hated living under the landlord's nose; there were days when it felt like every move was watched, catalogued, and commented upon. Now, you may find that you don't have this problem while renting - our situation was largely due to the kind of person our old landlord was.

Nonetheless, we bought our house so that we could have the freedom to do as we pleased, whatever and whenever we wanted.

We are now thinking about selling this house and buying something even farther away from civilization , assuming I ever find my dream property. Again, an lifestyle decision, not a financial one. If we do sell, we may or may not make a profit on the sale of our house. But because we have saved so much in lower mortgage payments vs. rent, and in lower taxes, profit from the house sale is somewhat less important than it might have been otherwise.

So look at the financials - of which purchase price, deposit down, and monthly mortgage are only a part - but also look at how renting vs. owning could impact the way you wish to live, and which would be best suited to your needs at this time.

But, as others have mentioned, property purchase in Switzerland is generally not a short term or speculative venture.

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