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Re: Learning Swiss-German in Baden

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Thanks ! Please where can I find a good school to learn German in Baden area bearing in mind that my knowledge about German is 'ZERO !'
Language schools in Baden:

AVS (Audiovisuelles Sprachinstitut)
Audiovisuelles Sprachinstitut
Rathausgasse 22 (the back of Rathausgasse - down the steps along the right hand side of Moser bakery)
5400 Baden
Tel. +41(0)56 222 35 35
Fax +41(0)56 222 74 19

TLC (The Language Company)
Bahnhofstrasse 44 (on the right hand side on the way from the railway station towards Hotel Du Parc)
5400 Baden
T 056 205 51 78
F 056 205 63 83

Klubschule Migros Baden
Nordhaus 3 (West side of the railway station, at the end of the bus stops - see for a picture of the building)
5400 Baden
Telefon 058 568 97 97
Telefax 058 568 97 98

I did an intensive German course at AVS and found it excellent, but their evening courses are only once a week.

I suggest you go and see each of them rather than do it by telephone or e-mail.

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