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Re: Blood test results confidentiality?

The rule of thumb is that you need to ask. It's a bit paternalistic. One thing that my Swiss doctors do better than US doctors is communicate with each other, so that my orthopedic surgeon shares results with my primary care doc, and my oncologist shares info with gyn and primary care, and I don't have to worry about continuity of care so much. When i first moved here, i asked for reports myself, but now, i look at the numbers in the doctor's office and I'm happy. I don't know about Spain, but here docs seem to be very good about communication to each other. I think it's because insurance covers time spent in communicating to other docs and to patients.

I did see a geneticist - i'm considering some testing, and he told me he'd send me a letter summarizing, but I've not received it yet, so i have to call him about that. Also, he told me not to look up the mutation online, it would make me crazy. Wrong thing to tell me. I did look it up and it was very helpful.

But you should ask, and if you don't get the info, find a new doc. I know that's not always easy, however.
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