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Re: Blood test results confidentiality?

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And what about the other test results at the gyne anual check-up? I also asked for them and the doctor's assistance told me that they are in german so they can not give me the results (?) even though I told her that i will take them to my doctor back at home.
My doctor doesn't send me the "lab results" for the annual pap smear, instead she just sends me a confirmation that the results are fine, or once when the results were inconclusive the note required me to make another appointment for a follow up.

How do you normally pay for your visits to the doctor? Usually I get the bill directly from them with a copy of the lab results on the back. I'm not a doctor so haven't a clue what the lab results mean so I just file it away and assume the doctor will call me if anything looks weird.

I would go back to your doctor and insist on having the results, in German if necessary. Basically they haven't "completed" your consultation so you don't have to pay them until they do.
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