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Re: Where to best locate one's business in CH ?

An interesting question, but one that can't be answered without more information. Theres a big difference between acting as licencing shell company and being a mass-producer of industrial chemicals.


I'd be interested in hearing from people who have some convincing point to make about this, legal & tax issues set aside.

At this point, I am really leaning towards countryside vs. city.

Just think of how successful Basel-based businesses are vs. their Zurich-based competitors (Basel is an _extremely_ quiet place): Coop constantly beating Migros, Swiss Bank Corp having defeated UBS, Novartis, Roche & other constantly in the top, vs. ABB, Phonak and so many others with their recurring problem stories.

Microsoft and its calm Redmond environment

Can't one say that the more stressful and glamorous a place is, the greater the risk that a firm's staff will have their attention diverted ?

Hoping to read some good feedback about this

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