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Re: Blood test results confidentiality?

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I am little confused about blood test results confidentiality. Some months before, my doctor had done several blood tests but she did not seem so interested in giving me the results, so every time I had to call her to ask about the results. Someday I received the invoice from the insurance company without knowing the details so I called the insurance company with the surprise that they have all the information about my test results, I mean ALL the information (levels, ranges, etc.) even better than me! Also, every time I had a test I had to ask for the results to my doctor and she gave me just an excel sheet with the numbers, not the official form from the laboratory. Is it normal? I am wondering, if I want to go to another doctor, I do not have any formal blood test results to show.

Back at my country (Spain) you normally receive the results directly from the LAB as part of the confidentiality law and you can take the results back to your doctor personally. Doesnít it work in that way in Switzerland?

Reading between the lines here, it seems that you 'called' the doctor for the results........ this is Switzerland remember, one of the worlds most powerful corrosive agents to money known to man.
(arguably 'women' would be the other)

The doctor can't charge you for advice over the phone, you have to make an appointment, get stung again, and then you get the results.

I am however surprised that the insurance company gave you the results. Technically, they are your results, but they probably did pay for them.
I guess ownership of data in this case is shared in this case, as they need to know your medical history to calculate your premium.

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Your medical records belong to you. You are entirely within your rights to ask for the blood test results. However, many people, myself included, leave them with the doctor.

As far as the insurance company goes, I'd have thought they need to know why you took the tests (to make sure that it's right that they pay the bill) and what the test were. I can't really see why they'd need to know what the results were.
Duty of disclosure I guess.

As mentioned, if the test was covered by the insurance, then they paid for them. They need to know this data to know if the claim was fraudulent, and also the results for further assessment of your premiums.

Usually this information is held under lock and key (even within the company), so I'm surprised that they gave it out.... at least it was to the OP (so I assume they established who it was somehow).
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