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So hard to get the child benefit sorted!

Arrgggh thought this would be really easy.. Two children, one is 3, other is 9 months. We stopped getting child benefit in the UK last year due to my income, for the 3 year old.. The 9 month old never received anything.. We moved here in Feb 2013.
My employer use an external company to do all the paperwork for us so handed them the birth/marriage certs etc.. They told me I needed an E001 form from the UK, an attestation of how much benefit we were paid in the UK and which dates..

So I call HMRC, ask for the form, wait wait wait, six weeks later nothing, call again, wait wait wait.. Eventually after about 4 months I get the letter. It's states 3 year old child was paid x between dates y and z.

So I give that to our agent here to go sort my swiss benefits.. Get a reply within 12 hours, problem. The letter does not mention 9 month old child.. Although they understand she didn't receive anything because she was too young and we left the UK. They still need a letter from HMRC.

So back on the phone.. 45 mins to explain -- Just give me a damn letter which says "nine month old child received zero child benefit ever" ..

Six weeks later, still waiting.. Call again today, we'll send you a letter in 4 weeks.

Suppose it's money in the bank that we're not really missing.

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