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Re: Don't forget to turn the clocks back on Sunday 27th October

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"The winter time" (GST +1) is the normal, unadulterated Swiss time. If we were to "leave the clocks alone" we'd have the same time in winter -- the sun would still go down early. The change due to adopting summer time is to benefit lovers of long sunny evenings in summer. It has no impact on winter days.

But yes, there should be a referendum to have the orbit of the Earth around the sun altered.
I don't care how right you are. I want to complain about the lack of light, and the reason for this back and forth every 6 months is of no consequence to me. Somewhere there is a culprit for this nonsense, and I want them hung from one of those street lights with an orange glow.

Or, failing that, I want winter days to have 10 hours of sunshine, minimum. The temperature doesn't matter... see? it's not that difficult, init?
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