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Re: Domestic Issues and Domestic Violence

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So AFTER she has accused you of something nasty, WHEN are you going to state your side of the argument? Go to a lawyer now, and file a statement, soonest!

I bet this response comes from a female. There is no point in escalating a bad situation. I can always press charges or file complaints if the police or courts start ramping up the situation.

If you read my post fully, she was on very strong diet medicine, banned by the FDA, and also not accepted in Switzerland, she also has low thyroid and a history of that. She also has a history of back pain and back problems that out dates us arriving in Switzerland and has nothing to do with any violence or fighting. So she cannot claim her injury was entirely caused by me.

I spoke with the police and our doctor, but I have not signed anything. I have taken actions and the authorities were concerned about her taking this medicine.

Therefore her side of the story can be heavily questioned and pulled apart IF AND WHEN it come to any kind of court case or charges being brought against me.

In case you haven't noticed things are quite laissez faire in Switzerland, especially because we are in a more rural part...

So I would like to hope that the police and prosecutor would just look at her story, make note of it and leave it in the system in case of any further complaints. That would be the intelligent way to go about doing things and often in Switzerland they do chose the peaceful route.

With that said, and while I do have an appointment with a lawyer next week, I don't like NOT KNOWING.

Usually there is a system and a procedure for this kind of thing. Friends of mine in AU and US were immediately arrested and had to then fight their way out of the law suit and indeed proved that their wives were the abusive ones and the charges filed were false and exaggerated.

10 years ago maybe a woman could cry domestic violence and run to the police and the man was immediately the bad guy, 20 years ago, no one cared.... but these days it's more balanced and not so much the case that the man cops it.... especially where existing medical issues are in play.
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