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Re: Fire wood

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Wasn't really sure where to put this thread so if its wrong please feel free to move it Mods.

We now have a house with a fireplace and have bought a few boxes from Landi, my question is, where do folk get their logs from? I have seen wood stacked up in various places but surely you cannot just take it?

Where do folk get their wood from, we want nice slow burning wood, the Landi wood is ok but the fire burns out pretty fast.

And advice gratefully received.

Best wishes
Those nice big piles of firewood you see along the walks and roads in the forest? They belong to people who bought them on auction - and are waiting to be collected by their owners. Do not touch them!

If your town has its own forest, then usually (here anyway), once a year a "Holzgant" is organised - where those wanting to buy meet up at a designated spot and go walkabout in the forest with the auctioneer and his assistant, and bid for various "Sters". Your name is logged, you get sent an account to pay by the Gemeinde, and you can take your time to go collect your wood. Prices here range between Sfr80 and Sfr90 per Ster (cu.m) - cheap - but hell of a job to cut and transport and then split!

Ask around, as someone here suggested, and you`re sure to find a local who does the chopping/delivering for pocket money, and is much cheaper than shop prices.

You can also ask at the Gemeinde about "cleaning a piece of forest" - where you can pick up all the fallen dry wood - they will give you a permit for a section (HOW you find it is something I`m too afraid to ask!)
Take along a hand trailer and load it with forest floor pickings - all the trimmings from the big logs, side branches, etc...... and then haul your trailer back home (no autos allowed in forest)

We buy from a local farmer whose son cuts firewood for his pocket money ...... Sfr120 per Ster.

How to measure a Ster of cut wood? Measure the size of the trailer it`s packed in ... if the trailer is 50cm deep, 120cm long, 80cm wide - it contains half a Ster.
Those big "rolls" of firewood one sees in the forest are a full Ster.

Sorry for all the details - but I was once a newby about firewood, and these are things I`ve learned the hard way .. and you sound like I used to sound...
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