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Re: Petrol vs Diesel car, and other simple questions about cars in CH

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I know one forum member with a petrol Evoque - who has been less than impressed with the performance.

A couple of years back I drove from Brno to Swiss border in convoy with a Honda CRV and a Dacia Duster (diesel) - the driving style was "rapid" and included me nudging up to 270kmh before cruising to the let the others catch up. We averaged 170kmh while driving. The Duster used more fuel than mine at those speeds!!!

The Duster is a bargain small SUV - but I would not want to be crossing France in one on a "regular" basis.

If you terminate a lease early you will be hit with a loss - whether up front with a larger deposit or at the end. Unless you absolutely need an SUV then I would consider a 4wd estate instead. There are plenty of suitable A6/V70/E-Class/5-series to cater for all budgets.

If SUVs are your thing - the Touareg is the most common (large) one. The Tiguan sells very well. Discoverys tend to move quite quickly in the used market. BMWs X range sells well

In terms of leasing - budget on 5-6% in the used market. Some companies offer better rates on new (or very nearly new) cars. Also make sure that whatever you buy includes winter tyres - or put aside the money to buy them yourself.
I've heard similar about the petrol Evoque, and I'm not a fan of the new trend for 4 pot turbo petrol engines in cars which would previously have had a 6. My wife likes SUVs and taller cars as she's technically a dwarf (well not quite, but nearly...) hence the preference for that type of thing, but personally I'd rather have a normal estate with the largest engine possible (C63 AMG.....)

We have an X1 in the UK and that's also an option in CH, but I've never bought the same car twice and would rather have a change! As someone who has worked in the auto industry almost all my career the Duster interests me because it's actually a good car and incredibly cheap, plus the new version can have nav and cruise added which makes it even more attractive - under 20k CHF brand new with all the extras we want. Given the price of used cars out there that's hard to ignore. I know it's not quite as refined as my BMW, but it's better than our previous model Grand Scenic and that's not an unpleasant place to spend a long journey.

I wonder if the new Caterham 7 165 will be available in CH? That would make an ideal 2nd car for me....
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