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Re: How Dog friendly is Zurich?

OK so I have skimmed the thread, sorry. Having two Labs ourself and coming from North of London I can share our experience.

We were able to find a place with a garden. It is difficult but not impossible however, we live in Oberland region so a car necessary and travel into Zurich 30 mins. Comparing my London commute this is really nothing! Trains run every 15 to 30 mins and we still have loads of walks, forest and places the dogs can be dogs.

That said, my experience on friendliness of people all depends on where you walk. Some people are happy for you to let your dogs run off the line (not technically allowed in some areas btw) and other people will not even allow you to walk near their property. Scope out your areas. Happy to share privately where we live and places I find better for dogs now we have been here 3 years.

Yes there is dog tax, however, facilities are well funded here. Bins are abundant so there really is no excuse not to clean up after your dogs. Bags come 'free' with the bins too. They are never overflowing either.

Obligatory training is a must even if you have already had the dogs a while. My then 2 year old labbie had to do all her practical training again to get her certificate however, I did not have to sit down and do any theory. They excused our 12 year old labbie from any of the courses. I personally find the obligatory training more common sense, and it really isn't managed well. But still best to do it.

Oh, you will need liability insurance for both dogs just in case.

Vet costs are ridiculous here so be aware. What else.........generally no off line for the dogs in ZH but not even the locals follow this rule. Use common sense i.e. another dog coming towards you on line then make sure your dog is too. I wouldn't recommend allowing them to run free during hunting season. Too many accidents with dogs being shot by mistake.

Finally, we love having the dogs here. It is more expensive than having them in the UK but once people realise the cost and effort you have to go to ensure you fit in to the community people are very very welcoming. And because of these reasons you meet people easily and really get to know the locals. This is how I found it anyway.

Good luck on your decision and move.
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