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Re: Playgroups in English, French and German in Zurich

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Hi! We are moving to Zurich with our daughter (3) and son (1.5) in Feb. I d like them to settle down smoothly and make new friends in their language ( French and English) and learn German too (they are already fluent in Swiss German). Any recommendation would be highly appreciated. Are there any groups of expats mums meeting up as well with the kids, on a more informal way? And eventually, any chance that my kids could play in the same group ? Last and least for today, what kind of child care would you recommend for 2 or 3 afternoons a week? Thanks a lot
Where in Zürich will you be settling? I know of one in Bülach, 30mn North of ZH. I would get in touch with the cityshall, they usually have this kind of info. Best,
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