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Re: Kindergarten Public vs Private

Zurich city: If your child will have to attend Kindergarten starting August 2014 because it is within the proper age range, you'll automatically receive a letter from the "Kreisschulpflege". That will be around February. In this letter, they will tell you more about the process. If you decide to send your child to a registered private Kindergarten, you'll have to write down the name/adress on a return letter. If you decide to send it you the public Kindergarten, return the letter with the proper information. Then, it's time to wait til June. By then, they'll send you the letter with name/address/Kindergarten teacher your child is assigned to. If you don't agree with the assignment you can send a protest note (=Wiedererwägungsgesuch), but be warned: You really need to have very good reasons for that...

Here, you can find all public Kindergarten of Zurich: link Have a look on the left side (Schulkreise) and find out to which one you belong and where the Kindergartens are located.

Language: Public Kindergarten-Language is swiss-german (=local language) and some part is in High German. Kids with problems in speaking/understanding the german language will attend 1 or 2 hrs of "Deutsch als Zweitsprache" (DaZ). No extra fee for that ;-). This will continue in Primary School if needed. English is taught starting primary class 2, french class 4.

Public/private: hm... as a local, I would advise to send your child to the public Kindergarten. It will find friends within walking distance and this will make life much easier for you, too! And you'll get in touch with the local families and hopefully you will make friends with them :-)
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