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Picking a 3a Fund; Researching and Tracking Performance

Hello fellow members,

After checking a few historical threads like this one here, I would like to compare notes on the 3a funds.

At present, the inherently lazy me has left it to the default "pure savings" to guide my retirement funds. As of this year, I'd like to take an active approach and put them to work, although this may sound a little more ambitious or grand than my current knowledge or abilities.

In full awareness of my limited understanding, I am looking at the 3a funds, the likes of VitaInvest from UBS and MixtaBVG from Credit Suisse. These offer a range of flavors, from minimum equities and risk to full commando double-or-nothing varieties. After discussing with my banker, my "risk appetite" has been qualified at a maximum of 25% equities, so I'm a cautiously optimistic conservative newbie.

Now, to take it to the next level, I need your tips and advice on the following:

1) How do you track historical performance of those indices? Yahoo Finance? Google Finance? Bloomberg? Other? Any way of comparing multiple next to each other across 3 years or more?

2) The UBS VitaInvest 25 exhibit odd cyclic behavior, dipping around June-ish each year: anyone know a particular reason why this may be? Have you discovered a good time to buy into 3a funds, or a rule of thumb that may serve to time the investment wisely?

3) How do you pick your funds? Do you split into multiple funds, like half in 12% equity fund and half in 65% equity fund, or do you go lump sum/year's worth of 3a into one fund and then next year into another?

4) Managed Fund vs Index Fund - there are those which have fund managers' names announced and this is supposed to give some weight/solidity I guess but means nothing to me? Any particular benefit compared to those "unnamed" or index funds?

I'm sure those ahead into this investment have things to share I have not asked, so please feel free to add what I may be overlooking. Hope this thread grows to serve inquisitive inherently lazy misers to better place their savings.

Thanks to all who contribute
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