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Wineries in Burgundy

Hi all,

I'll be doing a little trip down that way and am specifically looking for recommended wineries between Dijon and Macon. I know Beaune is a fantastic area around there and am a big fan of their wines, so if anyone has any Beaune specific recommendations, they would be doubly appreciated.

The problem I am having with internet research, aside from the huge volume of wineries (well over 150 in Beaune area alone!) is that most seem to be appointment only. If it comes to this and I have to plan a route that specifically, I will, but I doubt many will be too interested in opening for 2 people to taste a few wines for half an hour if they don't have to?

I'd ideally like one that is more or less drive in, go to the bar, the barkeep pours you some and explains them to you...for want of a better way of putting it, what happens in Sideways!

Thanks for your tips,
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