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Re: Leaving Switzerland Permanently

I in all honesty don't know but I'll try

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My family and I are leaving Switzerland permanently in March and I have a couple of questions:
1. We want to get rid of our car. Does anyone know of a good car dealer that takes used cars?
I'm not joking here...... but the EF is perhaps the most savage place ever to sell a car.
On the other hand there are a lot of people on here who really do know what they are talking about so you will get some good advice from people on how best to do so.

Hot tip - Have a look at to start with. (it's in German, sorry)
This will however give you a pretty good idea of an approximate market value for your car so fill in the blanks and see what's available.

Post your interests in the usual sale section of the forum and someone will be along shortly to hammer you about price, pictures and the usual bullshit that goes on.

Keep your eyes open for forum members Dodgeyken, Bigblue2, fatmanfilms who could help you out a bit.

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2. My husband start his new job on 1st of March so he's going to deregister next week, but me and my kids are staying in ZH a bit longer as I need to find a new "nachmieter". Is this even possible? that he deregisters and we don't?
It is odd that your husband can leave before you. Was your permit tied to his?....... in any case, I definitely can't answer that.

For the apartment, the rental situation is so tight here you won't have much trouble pushing it along.

Again, the market place here will definitely help but you will need obviously the rental value with nebenkosten, the size, location, and a few decent pics to help you out.

alternatively, there is also which is quite an agressive market place so things should shift quickly on that site.

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3. Does anyone know of a popular swiss website to sell used stuff (furniture)?

Thanks for your help!
As mentioned above in the previous post, either here or are perhaps the best places.
Remember, pics & prices are essential.
I'd recommend a quick search on Riccardo first to see what your items are worth.
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